What is Heaven to the yeah?

While traveling back from a fun trip with a friend, we were celebrating our great time and found ourselves saying, “hell yeah that was amazing,” “heck yeah, we had a great time,” in literally the same moment, we turned to each other and said… why do we even say that? Hell is not a place we’re trying to go… we should be saying, Heaven yeah! It was such a blessed time and we wanted to give credit, where credit is due. And, Heaven to the Yeah was born! We strive to inspire others to “Live with Heaven in View”! When sporting our swag or listening to our Instagram Lives, our hope is that others will feel inspired to smile, knowing that there is confidence in the hope of Heaven. Our swag is not only thoughtful challenges to the culture’s thinking–that hell is somehow a desirable destiny, but an opportunity to live free and loved by the creator of Heaven.

To get involved with Heaven to the Yeah, join us on our Instagram lives with Olympian Christian Taylor and Olympic hopeful Jordan Gray. Live videos are at 12pm PST, 3pm EST, and 9pm CET.

Heaven to the Yeah donates 100% of every sale to support and improve the lives of children around the world through Compassion International (compassion.org), Food for the Hungry (fh.org), World Vision (worldvision.org), and Children International (childreninternational.org), missionaries (gfa.org), and scripture in every language (bibleineverylanguage.org)

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Heaven to the Yeah (HTTY) is an online retail start-up with a mission to encourage people to live with heaven in view and spread the hope of heaven globally. HTTY sponsors children and missionaries on four continents through universally recognized non-profit organizations such as Compassion International and Food for the Hungry.