April 28th, 2022 Alex Samuel

Professional Welsh footballer, Alex Samuel, speaks with Heaven to the Yeah grace ambassador, Christian Taylor, as he attests to the glory, the power, the goodness of God experienced in his life and career.

Unlike many of the prior guests on the Heaven to the Yeah platform, Samuel is one who came to know God and the faith strictly on his own as he grew up in a non-Christian household. While he felt he had a solid upbringing, he did not realize the hole he was about to feel in his life at the young age of 10/11 years old. At this time, his parents separated, and Samuel felt this emptiness in his life, this hole that appeared. Having no prior experience with God, Samuel found himself going into his room every night, beginning to simply cry and call out to God. Each time he asked for the Lord, Samuel felt this peace within himself. Knowing God was present in his life now, he realized that being with the Lord meant that it would be about relationships and building that time in his life for God. Samuel explains how he came to know God through such a relationship as God formed us in our mother’s womb, making Himself a part of our DNA. “Even though I didn’t know him, I knew him. I would speak to him as I would anyone else, and any time I Prayed, I felt amazing afterward. God saw there was a hole and stepped in as a father figure to me. This was my start on my walk with God.”

After Samuel came to know God, he further needed to understand who exactly God is, so he began going to church. When he walked into the church, it was nothing like he expected. “At the young age of 15 years old, I got the head knowledge as I learned who God and Jesus were. I walked into church and there were drums and music and I just found it amazing.” God began working more and more in Samuel’s life as He chipped away and removed things that needed to be removed and then placed football in Samuel’s life as an anchor for him. It was through football that Samuel had and saw many testimonies and was shown the true strength of God. “There is nothing in our human strength that we can get through. We need to trust in God to make it through.” However, even with God in our lives, there will still be times of darkness and times when we need to lean on God more than ever, even if it feels like he is not there.

“After 21, I was in a really bad way and needed God to save me. [It was] one of those times when you feel like you are in a prison and wonder where God is.” Samuel continues to tell his story after signing with Stevenage Football, and the struggles and challenges that came his way in this position. Samuel was forced to turn to God more each day as the enemy, the devil, is always out there, “but it doesn’t matter what the enemy sends, God will always stand in our way.” The more Samuel learned to lean on and speak with God, asking for help, the more the Lord answered his prayers.

While Samuel was battling ankle injuries, Stevenage had decided to let him go, throwing Samuel into another wave of trusting in God and providing the way for him. Samuel not only trusted in God, but in these times, he found himself surrounded by many prophetic people who helped guide Samuel’s gaze and trust to the Lord. One day, Samuel heard God speak to him and say, “the next place you’re going to go, your teammates are going to be saved.” After this moment, God showed the badge of the team he was meant to play for: Wycombe Wanderers. With his wife’s help, Samuel laid himself, his dreams and identity, fully before God, trusting that the Lord would bring him to where he was meant to be. A week later, Samuel’s manager told him there was a club interested in him: Wycombe Wanderers. God is in control of everything; “God is so detailed, so personal, such a good dad.” After suffering through an unforgiving ankle injury, God showed Samuel a life of healing and prosperity. When Samuel came out of surgery, there were two more club offerings given to Samuel, yet he told his manager to turn them down for it was not in God’s will.

With such trust in God, Samuel still felt as though he had jumped off a cliff for not taking the offerings when they were placed before him, but he stayed loyal to God’s work and kept training and getting stronger each day. Two months later, his manager came in with a trial game opportunity. “Even though I didn’t feel like doing so at the time, I picked up my guitar and worshipped the Lord.” After the trial game, Samuel was offered a position with the Wycombe Wanderers. It was here that his teammates were to be saved through the discipleship of Samuel. During the season, Samuel saw the fruit of the Lord within his teammates and further helped lead many of his teammates to Jesus. He began doing Bible studies and worship in the training grounds. “I just want to encourage everyone that when you carry the Holy Spirit, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can change lives around you. The Kingdom is right at your hands; we are culture changers and God will turn everything around for good.”

With his high level of obedience to God and such a level of boldness to proclaim his faith to the Lord, Samuel lives with Heaven in view as he maintains eternal focus of living beyond the world. “You can live in the world, but not of the world.” Living in the world for the Lord allows us to experience God’s goodness and Grace.

When asked what God’s Grace meant to him, Samuel exclaimed that God’s Grace “enables you to go beyond what you cannot do for yourself; it is getting to that place of surrender and seeing God as a light today and every day.” With God’s Grace, we can keep that light in view as we are only on this earth for a short period of time, so we need to keep God in view. “When we can say ‘God, all I want is your Grace,’ then that is the moment you truly have light in Christ.”

Before his time with Taylor concluded, Samuel was asked to give any words of encouragement to the viewers, readers, and listeners of the Heaven to the Yeah platform. With this, Samuel spoke passionately as he said, “if you’re just starting on your walk or coming back to the Lord, no matter what you’ve done or where you’ve been, know that God loves you; that is the key and core thing. It is about the relationship with God. When you realize the love God has for you, your life will change forever.” Samuel continued to express how we all go through hard times in life, but God’s love remains that unchanging foundation in our lives. “It takes time. It is a process, but God won’t bring you into something you cannot handle.”

The Heaven to the Yeah team thanks Samuel for his time, dedication, and candidness as he spoke his story with passion and the Grace of God. We pray for Samuel and his family, and that they continue to be the hands and feet of Christ.