August 12th, 2021 Divine Oduduru

In this week’s live, Christian announced that Jordan Gray, a 2024 hopeful, will join the Heaven to the Yeah team as a grace ambassador. We’re blessed and honored to have Jordan join the #htty team.

After the announcement, Christian interviewed Divine Oduduru, a 3 time All-African games silver medalist from Nigeria. He specializes in the 100M and 200M and competed in the recent Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

During the interview, Divine explained how God impacted his track career, “I got an opportunity, but I didn’t just understand that opportunity. I went back to God, and I asked him, What is my purpose?” He talked about how he would pray to make sure he was on the path God wanted him on, and how this helped him to see how God assisted him each step of the way. 

“You’re so much more than just a runner and running is a gift that you can use to give him glory.”

While talking about what it means to compete for something bigger than himself, he said “I use it as a showcase of what God has given to me. I see it as an opportunity for me to tell the world that God still exists. God does still do wonders, miracles still happen, God isn’t dead.” The ways God has helped him through his athletics career has helped him to live as an example of living with heaven in view

Through his career, Divine has had several big accomplishments and a great amount of success. He explained that by remembering where he came from as well as the people who have helped him to get to where he is, helps him to stay humble. He also explained how the pandemic helped him to reset himself. He was able to better connect to his family and refocus on his relationship with God.

At the end of his interview with Christian, he gave advice to new believers, “All you need to do is believe and trust the process.” He ended by explaining how his relationship with God has impacted his life for the better. To watch the full interview, go to @heaventotheyeah on Instagram.