August 5th, 2021 Chanelle Price

Chanelle Price is an 800M sprinter. She ran for the University of Tennessee in college and won the gold medal at the IAAF world indoor championships in 2014. In this Instagram live, Christian talked with her about her faith journey and her track career. 

“You’re so much more than just a runner and running is a gift that you can use to give him glory.”

She explained how she started to build her relationship with God in 2013 when she was at a low point in her life. After not qualifying at the USA championships, she reached out to a mentor who helped her see her identity as a daughter of God.

Her mentor told her “You’re so much more than just a runner and running is a gift that you can use to give him glory.” This helped her to perform better in her races as well as build a relationship with God. 

Chanelle also focused on how grace has impacted her career. She explained how through his grace, God gives to us even when we don’t deserve it. She also explains “It’s humility and realizing that God doesn’t owe us anything but he chooses to love us in spite of us.” Because of God’s grace, she has been able to find joy in competing and has found freedom in competing for him. 

During the pandemic, Chanelle explained how her faith was able to keep her going. She said that if she didn’t have faith in God’s plan for her life, she would have given up on her career a long time ago. 

She continued by saying “My faith is my motivation and God is my why, and when your why is strong enough, I really feel like you can get through anything.” By having God by her side, she has been able to work through several trials surrounding her career.  

For her, living with heaven in view means “While we are here, God’s purpose is to prepare us to go to heaven and to transform us more into the image of Jesus.” Chanelle continues by explaining that we weren’t told this life would be easy, but we have the help of God and those around us. 

She ended the live by referencing Romans 8:28 and saying that God will get us through our trials even if we don’t understand why things happen to us.