February 10th, 2022 Trayvon Bromell

Heaven to the Yeah’s grace ambassador, Christian Taylor, was joined by a reunion athlete, Trayvon Bromell. Bromell was one of the first athletes to speak with the Heaven to the Yeah team when they started out with their inaugural lives. Bromell joined this talk ready to speak his wisdom upon the viewers and share his life’s journey since he was last seen on the platform. Bromell, an American Track and Field athlete, tied for the sixth fastest time in the world ranking for the 100-meter, is also tied to his athletic journey, his passions, and his faith walk.

While he is currently studying the New Testament, Bromell’s eyes have been opened to how powerful these teachings are as he gains a deeper understanding of what it is Jesus truly represents. “How could one hate someone who only wanted to do good?” So many people, as Bromell sees within his studies, hated Jesus for preaching and shining a light on the world. So many people hated Jesus simply because he carried a name known by many. As all of this came to fruition in Bromell’s eyes, he realized that nothing had really changed in the world as he “[looks] at a lot of things that happened in the scripture also [happening] in our lives today.”


Just as there were, and continue to be, people who hated Jesus for doing his work, Bromell has seen that as he, or his fellow competitors, steps out onto the field, there are still people, spectators, who will like you and those who won’t, “but those who don’t [like you] don’t really have a reason.” There is a jealousy of status and title, but people are not seeing the bigger picture: Jesus came to save and do good in the world through his preaching. Yes, Bromell is a world champion, but he is also a follower of God, continuing to be criticized and judged for preaching about God or showing how God is present in his life. “Since when has only talking about God been a problem… even people who say they are ‘of God’ still have a problem.” To Bromell, it is humbling to see that everything discussed in the scriptures continues to happen daily, even in contemporary society. With all the hate in the world, Taylor asked Bromell how he deals with hate when he is trying to spread love, to which Bromell openly tied in his love for Jesus and Jesus’ love for him.

“Jesus said, ‘they’re going to hate you because of me.’ He died for me, why [would I] be afraid of publicly speaking his name?” Bromell continued to explain that there will be people in your circle and not in your circle who project hate or disdain towards you, and that this is something people need to understand—it does not matter who you are, there will always be people who hate. “Jesus had Judas, his own people who rejected him.” Bromell finds peace, comfort, and strength knowing that no matter how much hate he gets for publicly expressing his love for Jesus, he knows where he is going after death, and when others get to this point of realization, they’ll see their own change in life. To help people come to know the scripture while fulfilling his prophetic journey, Bromell started his own segments of motivational quotes.


Every word in the Bible has a meaning. Every word in the Bible has a purpose. “I wanted to be able to move people and be more vocal.” Bromell started his segments of motivational quotes as he desired to move people in the right direction toward the truth behind the scripture and the knowledge imposed from the readings. With little effects and minimal theatrics, Bromell hopes that his listeners will hone in on the words he is saying and feel a spark within them as they hear the word of God professed as he speaks with purpose and intent to do God’s will. Bromell was not only gifted with the talents of speaking out within his segments, but he also holds many talents, passions, and gifts in areas of his life which he uses to promote God’s beauty.

Bromell has a gift of photography which has been a deeply rooted passion in him since 2017. He came into this work because he wanted to make people look good and feel good as they do what they love. “In high school, people took ugly photos of me. [In my service,] with every shoot [I take, I can] make people have fun and look good at the same time.” To Bromell, this is his form of servitude. Through this service, he is given the opportunity to be in a position where he can interact with people and give them a person who believes in them; he is the voice helping others. People have looked at, and questioned, Bromell’s actions, claiming that he has ‘better things to do’ with his time, but he does not feel that way. “If I can help someone and make them happy, then it’s fine and fun to me.” Bromell’s love of building fellowship and community through the workings of helping others, also ties into his desire to become an agent for athletes after he is finished competing.


We are all made in God’s image. No one should be told they are not good enough or will never be the best. This is toxic and creates a toxic society. To create a better world, Bromell speaks on the need to spread positivity to help people reach their full potential. Through helping others feel good about themselves and what they do, their heads will be held high, and they will hold the confidence needed to succeed. “As humans, we are not thinking enough. You are not going to tell your child they are a failure. Why? Because you love them, so why can’t we look at the world like that?” The tongue is powerful and all it takes is one word to change someone’s outlook; therefore, Bromell carries deep passions for helping others and getting them where they need to be to succeed. 

While passions run deep for the betterment of others, Bromell also has his own love for fitted caps, stemming from his childhood and growing into so much more as an adult. He got into hats in high school when he got a job working in the mall and was constantly surrounded by them. As time went on, he found himself always wearing hats to hide from the criticism people would make about his head. As he grew older and entered college, this love of faded since college students don’t necessarily have the money to spend on hats each week. After he graduated and began working, the love came back and has been here to stay. Each cap Bromell finds in his collection is consistent with displaying the number seven for a variety of reasons pertaining to keeping him grounded in his roots. The first representation of the number is for his hometown holding the area code, 727. The seven also represents God’s creation of everything in seven days. “I crown my head to make me remember everything and keep me grounded in the perspectives of life.”


Before Bromell finished his talk with Taylor, he left listeners, viewers, readers, and new believers with final words of encouragement. “Ultimately, [in the scriptures] we see the word ‘seek’ over 333 times [and to] seek is an action [and it’s] something you have to do.” Bromell goes on to say that coming into faith, people tend to rely on other people, but a relationship with God is intimate and grows with the one-on-one. How can one get to know God if they don’t seek? Bromell finishes with an air of calling people to action as he says “you have to put in the effort to go out and learn more… read the scripture then go out into the world to better see and understand the word… communicate with people and you will continue to grow.”

The Heaven to the Yeah team was delighted to be graced with the wisdom and light of Bromell’s words as he reunited with an old friend, and our grace ambassador, testifying to the word and love of God as he encouraged all to keep on seeking.