February 17th, 2022 Casey Phillips

From broadcasting internships with Fox Sports Southwest, twice, to the Dallas Mavericks, on to two different internships with the Cowboys and two with CBS KTVT in Dallas all before the age of twenty-one, and now going on her seventh year working with and reporting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Casey Phillips joined grace ambassador, Christian Taylor, to speak on God’s good work in her life, keeping her humbled while placing her on the paths she is meant to traverse.

Phillips began her conversation with Taylor by enlightening the viewers on her faith walk and how she came to truly know God. She described that she practically grew up in church, feeling that her parents mainly took her for the educational aspect accompanying a faith journey allowing her to learn and know the biblical figures and stories. She held every possible job one could find in a church and could tell anyone all the correct things to say when it came to the church and faith, but something was missing, something wasn’t sitting properly. One day, in her freshmen year of high school, a friend tricked Phillips into attending a youth group service where she experienced something entirely foreign to her: kids her age were singing and dancing and praising the Lord with their hands held high as contemporary Christian music was blasted in the room. As Phillips adjusted to the sight around her and began really listening to the words being sung, she realized that she knew these stories and exclaimed that “this was the moment I really understood what the Gospel was about.” With a deeper understanding into her faith, Phillips was able to walk with, and trust in, God to land the career of her dreams.

Ever since the sixth grade, Phillips knew that broadcasting was where she wanted to be. When she got to high school, her teacher encouraged her to apply to two different broadcasting internships, one with Fox Sports Southwest and one with the Dallas Mavericks. While there was much encouragement coming from her teacher, Phillips was also warned that she would most likely not get the internships seeing as she was competing with college students and college graduates, but rather that this would be good experience, giving her an idea on what to expect when it came to be her time. However, shortly after her interviews, Phillips got the news that she not only got one, but both internship opportunities, and at the ripe age of seventeen, she knew that this is what God truly had planned for her; this is the career path He meant for her to travel. She continued her broadcasting journey through a variety of other internships while obtaining her higher education; that was until she was about to finish her college career.

Just before graduation, Phillips found herself engaging in some choice words with God after tearing her ACL. Confused as to why God would give her every opportunity and put her on a straight path towards broadcasting after college, and then throw her into a position where she would be unable to fulfill the obligations that came with a broadcasting career, she was forced to find a different path while she allowed herself to heal. On this endeavor, she ended up in a full-time graduate internship program with Disney working in their sports Public Relations department. While it was more of a desk job than what she wanted, it was here where she learned the platform that got her all future positions and, ultimately, where her successes stemmed from. When her year at Disney came to an end, Phillips jumped right back into her love of broadcasting and applied for a position with the Washington Wizards and Mystics in D.C. After finding out she got the job, beating out 300 other applicants, she had to ask, “why me.” Here she was told that it was her experience and time working at Disney that set her apart from everyone else and gave her a more diverse portfolio than the others. As she listened to this explanation, she felt God jabbing at her, remembering her choice words, and understanding that God will always be there to guide her, even if she may not understand at that moment.

From the Wizards and Mystics to the St. Louis Rams, and now to the Buccaneers, Phillips has been able to live her love of broadcasting while enjoying the most fulfilling moments of being in such a role. When asked what the most gratifying part was of being in her role, Phillips responded with, “I get to be positive with my coverage.” She went on to explain that there are so many channels and so many bloggers who like to highlight the negatives of a person or of their performance, but she gets to find out who these players are deep down and what their communities are about. She gets to become part of the team and take her time discussing one positive aspect of a player or team whereas other sports reporters are given thirty seconds to speak on all areas of a game or player. Phillips says that she has been able to build relationships with the players, pray with them, take them to church, and become part of their family. This trust she builds with the team and can then center that trust around Christ is what Phillips deems to be the most fulfilling part of her job: knowing she is impacting the lives of the players just as much as they are impacting her.

However, as rewarding as the job is, “it is a lot.” There is more to being a broadcaster than simply speaking on television: There is airtime, note-taking time, script-writing time, and interview times. Phillips compared it to an iceberg, where what people see a broadcaster doing is only the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more underneath, so much more happening behind the scenes that Phillips says “People need to know what it means to be in broadcasting. [We] want a lot of the prestige, but we have to make sure we are ready for it.” Juggling all the ins and outs of her broadcasting career, both Phillips and her fiancée will both say she hardly has any free time, but “[I gain] confidence knowing God has put me in this position.” With her trust and faith in God, Phillips is able to balance her relationship with God, her career, and her fiancée, while also managing her humility and pride in her successes.

How does one handle the balance between humility and pride when they become so successful? Phillips provides listeners with her inspiring words as to how she stays humble in the midst of her successes. “Nothing is guaranteed. As much as I can put my best foot forward and put a ton of effort in, I can’t do anything apart from him. The moment we start to get prideful is the moment God isn’t going to want to use us. The moment we start thinking it is all me me me, then we aren’t looking for God and what God has given us for him and his platform. I know I was put here to glorify God, so if I’m putting him first, it is hard to be prideful in his glory.” God’s glory is all around, as Phillips saw during the pandemic when her faith kept her grounded and allowed her to see the goodness of God.

In times of struggle, it is easy to lose sight of God or to have faith be challenged, but rather than letting the hardships of the pandemic tear her down, Phillips called upon her faith to carry her through and see God’s blessings when others found him to be so far away. Phillips, having now been diagnosed with two autoimmune disorders, was very locked down during the course of the pandemic, but she didn’t let that tear her down. She was shown how God can bring good to even the hardest situations. “My faith [during the pandemic] was everything. [I saw how] in the hardest time came the best things [for me].” In the height of global chaos, Phillips found herself celebrating a Superbowl win as well and winning herself the love of her life. “I try to be the light of Christ and not focus on the bad things I can’t control… Christians can screw up, but that doesn’t mean God isn’t good and will make things good… [people will say] ‘how can a good God let bad things happen,’ but that’s never been a struggle for me. We live in a broken world, but God can [and will] bring good out of it.”

Through living in the light of Christ and finding the light in the dark times, Phillips also gained a deeper understanding into her passions. “I’ve always loved being outdoors, bike riding and kayaking, but I am very passionate about being involved in the church and leading Bible studies.”  Phillips shares that she loves the idea of helping, and actually helping, Christians get to the next level of their faith. She loves being part of that step that takes them from checking the box identifying as a Christian to truly following Jesus on a daily basis. Phillips also holds a deep love for her fiancée’s Christian non-profit organization, One More Child, and all the work they do.

With many passions and glories of God, the Heaven to the Yeah team was delighted to have Casey Phillips join Christian Taylor as she shined a light upon the blessings and goodness of God’s love and glory, and wish her and her fiancée all the best and will be praying for their health and well-being.