February 24th, 2022 Lauren Sisler

Lauren Sisler has a God-given gift of storytelling. As a current ESPN reporter, she shares her joy with the viewers and those she interacts with. Through public speaking, connecting with others and even dancing on air, she is able to inspire others to love life.


Lauren was influenced by her parents and tight-knit Christian family. Her early life in Virginia was filled with gymnastics, faith, and a loving family who would tuck her into bed every night. Despite an ideal upbringing, her life was not always easy.

During her freshman year of college at Rutgers University, both of Lauren’s parents passed from prescription overdoses within hours of each other. She remembers this night as the moment her “entire world just got turned upside down.” Lauren internalized this shock for years until she was able to reset her mindset and view this tragedy as a gift. She now recognizes that “none of us are exempt from life’s difficult circumstances.”


During the live, she described how life has many chapters. She noted that although we may want to rip some of these chapters out of our lives, we can’t because these moments connect us to what’s next. She views the loss of her parents as a tragic chapter in her life. She leaned on God to move forward and now feels grateful for the gift of life.

Using her gift of storytelling, Lauren has been able to share her story. Outside of reporting, she is an avid public speaker who encourages others to find their passions, gifts, and purpose in life. She says that “every moment we live could be the last.” To make every day count, she works to be a positive influence and share God’s grace. She hopes that by planting seeds and building genuine relationships, she can “impact people along the way.”