July 21st, 2022 Tommy Trohatos

Heaven to the Yeah grace ambassador, Jordan Gray, had the opportunity this week to speak with professional football player, Tommy Trohatos, and hear his testimony on how he came to find faith in his life and how he now lives out that faith in his sport and daily life while staying open to the purpose and path God has for him.

The free safety player, currently residing in Mexico, holds passion for all those in his life who love and support him in whatever he does for they are his ‘why,’ and he aims to prove them right in their support of him. As a young kid, Trohatos was very active and had to be involved in many sports until he was ten years old. At that point in his life, a football team sprouted in his city and his parents, although they did not want him playing football, signed Trohatos up for the team and he has been playing with that love and support ever since, and this love and passion for the game has also allowed Trohatos to find God and begin his faith journey. “I don’t come from a very religious family… but football has brought me closer to God.” Trohatos’ faith journey began and grew from his teammates and coaches as he was surrounded by these true believers each day and listened to them preach about God and faith, pushing Trohatos to think that there truly is a higher power—a higher power that he has always felt as a young kid. Over the last four years now, Trohatos has been looking to grow closer in his relationship with God and found himself at Athletes in Action last year, where he was offered physical, mental, and faith-based programs, pushing him to try new things and look into something which he may not have known. In this time, Trohatos was not only helped in understanding and growing closer to God, but also in finding his role for God and learning how he can use his gift of football to spread God’s Word and share how He does miracles for us every day.

In finding his role along God’s path, Trohatos came to receive fulfillment in using his gifts to do God’s work. “Every night before I go to bed, I say a prayer [in that] I want God to utilize me in any way possible to give back.” Trohatos prays that God utilizes him to give back not simply through preaching, but through his actions and in the way he holds himself. Trohatos gives full confidence to God and God gives back to him, allowing him to give to others by showing his passion in his game; “it is something I can use to show people that if you put the trust in God, it will work out.” With God by his side, Trohatos finds it easier to balance his humility and his pride. For Trohatos, balancing humility versus pride was never a difficult concept as he says that he is simply another guy playing football and football is a game with which he has fun. “I didn’t do this on my own, God put these things around me with my family and friends here encouraging me.” Trohatos stays humble in knowing that there are still people out there who do not believe in him, still coaches who doubt him and that is when he brings himself back down, staying humble and continuing to work hard all through the help of God’s Grace and staying graceful. “I see Grace as being thankful in a way where I am not just saying thank you, but rather understanding that the Grace I have has to be used in some type of way and do what I can each day.” Trohatos aims to be Graceful and show Grace through the light he brings to each day and staying out of the downfall of the negative mindset. Through God’s Grace and being God’s Grace, Trohatos found that through his faith and faith in God, he can navigate any difficult time. God has a plan for each of us. When times get tough and one feels frustrated, it seems easy to quit, but having faith helps push you along to get through the hardships; Trohatos experienced this and the help of God. When things don’t go the way they were planned, Trohatos found himself getting frustrated and felt those frustrations building up, “but God helps me a lot. I see that I was mad and now I have to move on. Frustrations are minor and if I was to have stopped, I would have missed out on so much more. I have to keep on pushing and say confident in the plan God has for me.” Faith aids and guides in many ways, not only through difficult times, but also in a way that shows what it means to live with Heaven in view.

“Heaven was something that I never knew how to get to, but my discovery and my faith has helped show me that we are not Jesus, but we have to try to live as Jesus did.” Living with Heaven in view means that we have to “stay humble, be thankful, and understand that God is behind us and we are a part of his plan. We don’t live eternally on Earth; we need to change and help others.” Before Gray’s time speaking with Trohatos ended, he spoke a few final words for those watching, listening, and reading. “We all have a timeline, but our timelines are all different. Keep on pushing, go get your dream, and do it in a way that you are really passionate about and pass on your passion to someone else.” Trohatos continued in saying “no matter if you do believe in God or not, show others why you believe in what you do. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter the opinion of others. Just be you, show what you’ve got, express yourself in your own way, and do it all at one hundred percent.” The Heaven to the Yeah team thanks Trohatos for taking the time to speak with Gray. We pray for happiness and health for him and his family.