July 28th, 2022 Luke Weaver

This week, Heaven to the Yeah grace ambassador, Jordan Gray, had the opportunity to speak with MLB pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Luke Weaver, as he discussed his faith journey and how his faith intertwines with his life and current career.

The twenty-eight-year-old from Florida who holds passions for missionary work, getting out into the cities and helping others, impacting the organizations he has set out to help (Consider the Lily), and of course the occasional outlet of golf outings, began his faith walk at an early age. Having been raised by parents who worked within the church, Weaver practically grew up there. “Church was always at the forefront of my life, but never at the top of my mind at a young age; we have to make that decision on our own.” For Weaver, his decision in faith came and grew stronger in high school, but it was not until college when his faith really began to take flight as there were a lot of believers on his team. Not only was he surrounded by believers, but Weaver and his teammates were also given the opportunity to attend Chapel before games for which Weaver has been very thankful. Come sophomore year of college and this is the time Weaver met his wife who has helped him stay grounded in his faith throughout the rest of the years. Now that he is involved in professional baseball, Weaver has found himself really holding onto that faith as he comes to understand people more and transition into a role of leadership, but through it all, Weaver is just “enjoying the ride and surrounding himself with those like-minded believers.” Along this journey, Weaver has found many fulfilling moments as he uses his gifts as an athlete.

For Weaver, God graced him with gifts and created a platform for him through the gift of sport. With this gift, Weaver finds fulfillment in being intentional and grounded in how he can use his platform to be a role model for those watching him. “You can never lose that perspective. You have to make sure that platform and the gifts you’re given are fluttered out to generations: young and old.” However, while on this platform, there still may come the challenge of balancing humility with pride. Weaver states that every day comes with different results, but you have to be present each day. “I gain humility in understanding that the game can come at you quickly. All it takes is one little turnaround which comes with life. [But I also know that] pride can drive a wedge between a relationship with God.” In times when things are going well, it is easy to lose sight of how you came to be in that moment with great things surrounding you. In prideful moments like these, Weaver asks God to humble him so that he can stay in that middle ground of knowing and understanding the highs and lows of life. “When the sun is out, take the time to breathe it in, enjoy it, and appreciate who created it.” God graces us with many gifts each day, yet God’s Grace can mean something different to each person.

To Weaver, God’s Grace, and coming to know Grace, had much to do with knowing burden and feeling the weight of the world, but then understanding that it does not have to be all him. The weight of the world does not rest solely on his shoulders. “God’s Grace is sufficient in that He is right there beside me to pick me back up when I fall. God’s Grace says the storm will end and the sun will come out; this fills me with peace and calmness, and I love God for that journey.” God’s Grace and faith also give us the strength to weather difficult times. “Simply put, faith is everything that has kept me going.” When difficult times arise in Weaver’s life, he knows that the people around him and those that are present in his life help to keep him going, but, above anything else, it is that faith and belief in God and knowing He is there. “Lonely roads are not lonely because I know God will be there no matter what. God has brought me to where I am, and it is a breathtaking moment.” Having God by our sides helps us not only navigate difficult times, but also understand what it means to live with Heaven in view. For Weaver, living with Heaven in view means knowing that “we are not promised tomorrow, so the sense of urgency [for Heaven] needs to be high. We need to understand where our hearts are at and connect our brains and hearts to the same wavelength.” Our things here on Earth are meant to be enjoyed, but they will not come with us. We just have to take God’s Grace each day and keep pushing with Heaven in view. Before Weaver’s time with Gray came to an end, he provided the readers, listeners, and viewers with a few final words. “Surround yourself with the people that will push you—the ones with whom you can make an impact. Don’t be afraid to have your daily readings, ask questions, start text chains, talk about what you have read. You have the accountability that you can be filled each day with God and the people around you at your side.” The Heaven to the Yeah team thanks Weaver for his time and testimony. We pray for happiness and health for him and his family.