July 7th, 2022 Timothy Alexander

Heaven to the Yeah grace ambassador, Jordan Gray, had the opportunity to speak with inspirational speaker and agent of change, Timothy Alexander, as he spoke on his own faith journey and how we can be changed through the workings of our minds by changing perspective and seeing how “we don’t need it to be easy, we just need it to be possible.” Alexander’s talk with Gray began as he discussed his faith journey as his career. “It is by faith that life happens…faith wasn’t [and isn’t] my ‘why,’ but faith is my ‘what is going to happen next.’” Alexander talks about focusing not on why things happen, but rather, what will we do when things happen. How will we change our lives based on certain situations that happen to us. Just as faith has allowed Alexander to go back and revision his life, so too can faith help us see the past, find our purpose, and work towards our goals through the Lord. “Faith without work is dead. You have to work for what you believe in or else it won’t work.” To work for what you believe is to be consistent in your life and finding your purpose through consistency. “Faith allows me to frame my world with my Word and know more. The more you reap the more you know; the more you know the more places you go.” As you go and grow in more places, you gain understanding. The more you understand, the more you can appreciate. Alexander pushes us to find those little things to appreciate every day, even if things are not going our way. In gaining his own understanding and appreciation, he was able to change his views and see how he truly viewed his role in society and the impact he could have on its members.

“I wanted to see what I could do with the opportunity presented to me and how I could get my appreciative mind to find my readiness to return and help others.” In an inspiring testimony, Alexander stated that he knew his role and his life were no longer about him, but rather about helping others to see the gifts they have and recognize who gave them those gifts. Everyone has a role in society and an impact they can make through their roles. Alexander encourages everyone to “take that time to appreciate the impact you have in that role and inspire others for you will be mature and complete when you allow perseverance and appreciation to take its place.” Alexander has found his move in the movement and allowed his life to lead him to being a great teacher and spreading the Gospel to others as he inspires others to just keep on moving. And in finding his new role, he has come to find a balance in his humility and his pride. When thinking about humility, Alexander begins by thinking about his successes and how he can sustain achievements; however, he knows whatever he has achieved will not be his last leading him to think on his inspiration and how he got to those successful moments in his life. “[I find my] humility in God and know that I can give God the greater story. He knows who I am, so I can walk in humility because He knows my name. I am simply the man under the man.” Living in and through the Word of God leads one to acknowledge success while giving thanks and credit where credit is due—to the Lord. In thanks, we can also find God’s Grace and what it means to have Grace in our lives.

“Grace to me means 70 x 7 He has forgiven me. Even when I feel broken and unworthy, I know I am worthy for God’s Grace never fails.” God’s Grace is forgiveness for God never fails to forgive and embrace his children. “God’s Grace tells me that I can always come home.” No matter what happens, so long as we have God’s Grace, we will always have a place to return to and call home for God is always looking for his followers to return to him, even if we sometimes find it difficult to live out our faith, God’s Grace will always be there. Living out our faith can sometimes prove to be difficult. For Alexander, this holds true when he finds himself putting a time on God and rushing the Lord as he begins to compare himself to other people. “God doesn’t deal in confusion. [The confusion that comes from] taking your eyes off the best and putting them on the worst, or when you start checking and questioning God in those difficult moments. But, even in these times, I am reminded that I am human.” With this reminder comes the comfort of knowing we are not perfect people; we only strive for perfection. This thought allows Alexander to flip a switch and think differently about his faith for a “faith that is not tested is a faith that cannot be trusted. When tested, the glory is also behind me, allowing me to use my word to frame the world.”

Before Alexander’s time speaking with Gray ended, he left the readers, listeners, and viewers with some final words of encouragement and what it means to live with Heaven in view. “We don’t have to wait until we get to Heaven to live in the truth of Heaven. We have the freedom to live in Heaven on Earth.” With this freedom, we know we are going to be okay so long as we have our eyes on Heaven. “I also just want those to be encouraged that no matter what is going on, you will be alright, for the Bible teaches us to think the best and not the worst. The Lord takes care of our concerns, not our worries, so don’t be worried, but be concerned, and may the God of Peace do exceedingly abundant things for you.” The Heaven to the Yeah team thanks Alexander for taking the time to speak with Gray and share his insight and testimony with the Lord. We pray for endless health and happiness for him and his family.