June 10th, 2021 Jereem Richards

This week, Christian talked to Jereem Richards, a 100M and 200M sprinter from Trinidad and Tobago. During their conversation, Jereem focuses on the importance of the people you surround yourself with. He says “Just always being surrounded by greatness, it pushes you to push to the limits and to be on the same level as them.” By surrounding himself with people who have similar goals, he is able to push himself to become better.  

He explained “We have to remember that all our God given talents and skills were given to us by God and we always have to show the appreciation; give thanks to him because without him none of this would be possible.”  

In addition to having peers to help him become better, he talked about the role God has played in him becoming better.

He explained how God has helped get him through his track career and pointed out that every trial has helped him get to his next achievement.  

Talking about his experience with the pandemic, he explained how he was able to strengthen his faith in Christ by building a one on one relationship with God. Jereem talked about the process he went through of studying the scriptures more as well as praying more. 

He also reflected on being baptized when he was in college. He said “At that point I realized I’m not in control of everything that goes on around me. God was in control and I need his guidance and I need his protection.” He has been able to see how God has helped him through his life as he has been able to grow his relationship with God.

Jereem focused on Gods timing, explaining that his timing is perfect. Throughout his career he is able to see how God has been a part of his life and how He has helped Jereem get to the point in his career that he is today.