June 16nd, 2022 Aaron Tredway

This week, Heaven to the Yeah grace ambassador, Jordan Gray, was joined by former European footballer, author, speaker, coach, pastor, and father, Aaron Tredway, as he used his passion for speaking and calling people to God, to speak openly with Gray, and the Heaven to the Yeah viewers, about his journey living a life for the Lord while encouraging others to use their God- given gifts and impact the world.

The Pastor out of Clevland, Ohio opened his talk with Gray in sharing how the Lord holds a purpose for each of us and His purpose always prevails. “Growing up, being a pastor was not necessarily my career objective,” Tredway shares. His father was a professional baseball player, so, naturally, Tredway believed he would play baseball like his dad. One day, his dad came home and told Tredway that he was going to be signed up to play soccer. “After I went to the field for the first time, I knew I wanted to be a professional soccer player,” and he was, for thirteen fulfilling years, Tredway travelled and played professional soccer. However, in his early soccer career, he fell away from going to church as sporting events were held on Sundays.

“Growing up, soccer was my God. I grew up in a home where we went to church, but a lot of sport happened on Sunday and church was not my primary focus.” When Tredway went to college, he was essentially “trying to get a degree in soccer.” That was until he realized that the satisfying feeling he received from his successes only lasted a few days. It was never long term. With this realization came his questions and his search for something more, something else that life could be about. “I read a book, cover to cover, called ‘Mere Christianity,’ by C.S. Lewis. I read it in one night at college. After finishing that book, I got down on my knees and prayed for the first time in a long time.” Tredway prayed to God that night and swore to follow Jesus under three conditions: he did not want to speak in public, he did not want to become a pastor, and he did not want to be a missionary. God did not keep up his end of the bargain, but since that moment, Tredway’s life changed, and each of these three conditions were the moments to shape his life and provide him with his roles in this world. God designed us for a purpose in life. We each have gifts and talents from God to help shape the world. “God gives you a lot of different roles and it all matters what you do with those roles… God has wired all of us with significance. We have to keep reaching for those roles God has for us and He will place himself in your world.” Through these gifts God has given him, Tredway finds fulfillment in helping others experience a fullness that is not possible any other way than through Christ. In all of this, Tredway came to understand how much of a journey life is. “I’d love to say that after those moments (of coming to God), I lived entirely for God, but life is a journey and life through faith is a process where God is always refining us.”

Through the ups and downs and all the successes, Tredway came to look to God to balance his humility with his pride and get him through the difficult times. “Every good and perfect gift comes down from the father above. This is how I hold that tension between pride and humility in balance. I don’t have anything of myself—it was because God saw fit to give me these free gifts.” Tredway continued in explaining, “it is easy to think more of yourself during successes, to have confidence. There is nothing wrong with confidence, but you have to remember they are gifts from God.” And in remembering the love God has for each of us in the gifts He gives, Tredway looks to the Lord to remind him of the goodness and Grace of God in difficult times. ‘I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.’ “In times of difficulty, I remember that God wants good for me,” says Tredway, “even if it doesn’t feel like it.” God has good plans for all of us, hoping we grow and prosper in His light and love. In God’s shining light, Tredway not only succeeded in sports, coaching, public speaking, mission work, and being a Pastor, but he also came to be an author. Tredway is the author of Don’t Miss Your Life, a book on the message of the Gospel brought forward and explaining the beauty in a Christian life, not just to follow a bunch of rules, but to life a life fulfilled. “Ultimately, this book is about how we cultivate a life to bring us that internal satisfaction on a continual basis and ultimately points to the glory of God.” As the Glory of God shines upon Heaven’s gate, Tredway sees that living with Heaven in view requires looking beyond yourself and into something greater. “[Living with Heaven in View means] I have to live my life where I can see God. The thing I have to focus most on is from wherever I can view Heaven.”

Before Gray wrapped up her time with Tredway, she had one final request: if he could provide some encouraging words to the Heaven to the Yeah listeners, readers, and viewers. To this, he answered with the following, “Whether you have been walking with Jesus for a while, or are just coming to Him, and you want a life to the fullest, it is only found in Jesus. The more you can give to the pursuits He has for you, the fuller your life will become.” When you come before the Lord, He will bless you always. The Heaven to the Yeah team thanks Tredway for his time and openness and in sharing his knowledge of the faith. We pray for health and happiness for him and his family.