June 23rd, 2022 Isaiah Johnson

Former NFL cornerback, lover of faith, man who gains his passions and his reasons why from the love he holds for his little sister, Isaiah Johnson, joins Heaven to the Yeah grace ambassador, Christian Taylor, this week to share his testimony on the Glory of God and the Graces bestowed upon him as he lives each day with a simple motivating word: Continue. In a life filled with transitions, hardships, and blessings, Johnson learned to sit silently with the Lord and listen to God calling him to continue on down the path placed before him. Growing up, Johnson knew faith from a young age and has been leaning on faith since he was seven years old. At the age of twelve, Johnson experienced a true test of faith. “My mom was driving us home one night, I was asleep in the back. I woke up and told my mom to stop the car because we had to pray for dad. Later that night, the police showed up and told us he passed away in a freak car accident.” Even through this hardship, Johnson knew he had to listen to the Lord and continue living in his father’s memory. However, as Johnson grew older, he found himself getting into trouble after falling into the wrong crowds. “Fortunately, I had good people around me to protect me, and [now] I give God the glory.”

Right before senior year of college hit, Johnson found himself really getting to know and pray on the Lord. “At the end of junior year, I blew out my knee. Everything was torn. That is when I had to see and find myself and when I really had to take time out and listen to what God was doing in my life.” This was the first time, Johnson says, that he got to see the real him and learn to elevate his consistency through life. “The best way to heal is through the mind first. Once you see things clearly, that is when you find God right behind you, pushing you along.” For Johnson, all it takes is moments of stillness to relish in his conversations with the Lord. With moments of stillness, and having those still conversations, harsh realizations may come. “In the moments of stillness, I am more so angry with myself as I ask to see what God is trying to tell me.” The Lord is always speaking to us, pushing us toward our purpose and our roles on this Earth, we have to simply sit and listen and be willing to accept our roles in the path from God. “There will be harsh moments, but in such moments, the Lord is speaking to you. In those moments, just continue what you’re doing, don’t stop, maintain the effort you put in, and continue to look to the Lord.”

Johnson put this into play throughout his career with the NFL as he experienced wondrously fulfilling moments, and moments of adversity. When the tough moments came in the league, Johnson felt like turning and blaming God, wondering why people would acknowledge his talent, but teams were not sticking. Within this battle and growing more frustrated, Johnson decided to turn and thank God instead. He thanked God for the life he has been given and the opportunities gifted to him. “The tough moments, the mental funks, woke me up to how I want to walk in life—when going through a mental funk, I have to take time out to be still and find God. Life is full of battles, but I just look to the Glory of God.” In finding himself through the Lord, Johnson continually looks for the blessings in his life as his mission and purpose now build up their credit and become enlightened and awoken to the spirit and the voice of Jesus.” With such a mission and passion filled heart, Johnson spreads the Grace of God to all who listen.

“God’s Grace is a blessing to have the ability to balance ground; to stand up on your feet, listen, feel His presence, and be here in this life.” God’s gift of Grace is freely given to each of us day in and day out. It is our choice for how we come to find, feel, and acknowledge such Grace. Before Taylor’s time with Johnson came to an end, Johnson provided the readers, listeners, and viewers with a few words to close out the talk. “When you look at life, it is nothing but a mirror. You have to figure out who you want to be and who you want to follow. Remember, it is okay to follow because your footprint will not be the same, and as you are molding your person from following others, you will find yourself.” The company you keep affects your character. The Heaven to the Yeah team thanks Johnson for his time and willingness to share with Taylor today. We pray for happiness and health for him and his family.