June 24th, 2021 Paola Moran Errejon and Nicola McDermott

Christian spoke with Paola Moran Errejon and Nicola McDermott in this week’s Instagram live. Paola is a 400M sprinter for the Mexico Olympic team and Nicola is an Australian high Jumper.

"remember that the most important race in life is the race to heaven.”

While speaking with Paola, she explained how her family has played a big role in her building her faith, in addition to running track, helping her to find God. She said, “When you offer your work to God, it’s really serving another purpose other than yourself. . . and you don’t want to give anything bad to God.” She recognized that she had a gift for running and wants to be able to share her testimony of God through her athletics career.

Near the end of her conversation with Christian, she quoted her Grandma “remember that the most important race in life is the race to heaven.” Paola explained the impact this has left on her athletics career as well as the way she builds her relationship with God. 

Nicola talked about how she found joy in Christ verses finding joy in her sport. She explained how for a long time she found validation through how well she performed. It wasn’t until she built a strong relationship with Christ that she was able to find joy through Him.

She said “when I was willing to give up everything in order to seek out that love for God, that’s when he called me back to the sport.” Once she refocused herself on Christ, she was able to perform better. Nicola continues on by saying “if you follow his voice, he will always provide for you.” She was able to share many experiences of how God has provided a way for her to share her talent and to share her testimony with those around her.