June 9th, 2022 Royce Lewis

Heaven to the Yeah grace ambassador, Christian Taylor, was joined this week by Minnesota Twins’ Shortstop, Royce Lewis. This passion filled baseball player loves the outdoors, watching movies, learning and growing with those around him, and spending time with his friends and family while also reading the Word and spreading his faith. Today, Lewis shared his testimony of how he came to know Christ and found that, through Him, there are no setbacks, just things set in place.

Coming to know Christ, for Lewis, began early on in his life as his parents raised him and his sister in the church and church values. It wasn’t until Lewis began playing travel baseball, and games were on Sundays, that he steered away from going to church every week, but when they could, he and his family would watch church online to get in the Word. When Lewis entered high school, he went to a private Catholic high school where he remembers being uncomfortable with some of the things he was learning but still felt called to seek Christ in his life. “God was telling me, yes, this is where I need you,” even after his knee injury, God proved to always be watching him.

“It has always been a fear of mine that I would hurt my knee while playing sports. When it happened, it was hard, but I felt an odd sense of happiness. After the surgery, everything was taken care of, but it was still the hardest part of the process.” Lewis looked to God and trusted in God’s timing and plan for his life: “God and His presence in my life is at its strongest right now and I couldn’t be more excited.”

Even through injury and an uncomfortable time in his career, Lewis still leans on God and remains humble over his successes. “Balancing humility versus pride, for me, starts with how I was raised. I never saw any reason to be different and still to this day don’t see any reason to be different. We are all fighting for the same dream and God works in so many ways.” We are all God’s children, and all have a goal toward which we are working; knowing this helps maintain humility and hope that we will all come to treat others as in the same way. Such mentality also comes into play for Lewis as a Christian inside the clubhouse.

When Taylor had asked what it was like to be a Christian in the clubhouse, Lewis related it to going to school—in that, cliques tend to form throughout the clubhouse; however, Lewis uses this opportunity to get to know the individual cliques and learn something from each one. “There’s a bond that forms and Christians can break barriers and bond people. We build bridges. At the end of the day, everyone understands that we are all there and are all human. I try and spread the love and keep that fragrance smelling strong and lit up, and hope that God can flow through me and touch the hearts of people around me.”

Before Taylor’s time with Lewis came to an end, Lewis shared a few words of encouragement for the readers, listeners, viewers, and new believers. “Remember that God has never left you and he is never going to abandon you. If you ever feel at times that you are not worthy enough to be involved with Christ or don’t deserve it—that is all wrong. Christ is almighty. He is love and He is peace.” Lewis encourages everyone to find other believers and hear their stories and further spread the love of God. “Don’t stray too much because He is always going to be there. Continue your stride and your push to faith because God will always be there and never let you go.”

The Heaven to the Yeah team thanks Lewis for his time and passionate testimony he shared spreading the love of Christ. We pray for good health for him and his family and a quick recovery.