July 23-24th 2022

This clinic is in honor of the Let Women Decathlon movement, it is open to boys and girls in elementary, middle, and high school!

The event will take place on the SAME TWO DAYS that the World Championships Decathlon is happening so that while your athletes are having fun learning the events, they can see what the pros are doing at the same time! 

The clinic is for athletes who:

  • Want to get a feel for what doing a decathlon would be like 
  • Have no decathlon desire, but want to branch out and try new events 
  • Would like two days in the sun “playing” track and field


The clinic will be two days long where athletes will be coached on all 10 events to broaden their understanding and give them a taste of each one. After some coaching, each athlete will get one, unofficial competition effort in each event for a mark to keep track of how well they are doing. All of this with a fun, low-pressure environment!

Day One Events:

100m dash, long jump, shot put, high jump, 400m dash

Day Two Events:

110m/100 hurdles, discus, pole vault, javelin, 1500m run 

If your athlete has never participated in these events, there is no pressure to do any of these at full capacity. We will make this age/individual appropriate for all! (We even have little mini “hurdles” and other mini-implements for the younger athletes.) 


$150 for elementary and middle school (ES/MS)

$200 for VIP

$250 for high school (HS)

$300 for VIP 

This covers 6hrs of training for elementary and middle school athletes, 8hrs of training for high school athletes, plus a free Let Women Decathlon T-shirt at the end of day two!

*VIP includes additional swag

3 steps to get registered: 

  • Fill out the registration form below
  • Fill out the liability waiver HERE – print and sign. Either bring it with you to day one of camp or email a picture of it to lwd@heaventotheyeah.com
  • Create an account to pay with ReadySetRegister HERE


Dates, Times, and Location of Clinic:

July 23rd: 9:00 AM -12:00 PM ES/MS ___ 12:30 PM -4:30 PM HS

July 24th: 11:00 AM -2:00 PM ES/MS ___ 2:30 PM-6:30 PM HS

Where: 313 E Johnson St, River Falls, WI 54022 (Ramer Field)

If you have any questions please email lwd@heaventotheyeah.com. 

Register HERE

So glad you asked! Let Women Decathlon is a movement that has petitioned to allow women to compete in a Decathlon in the Olympic Games for the first time since its start back in 1912. The Decathlon crowns the “World’s Greatest Athlete” at the Games, and women have been doing decathlons around the world for over half a century- but never once at the Olympics! 

-In 1964 it was decided that women could handle doing 5 events. 

-In 1984 it was decided that women could handle doing 7 events. 

-Today, in 2022, women are still only allowed to do the 7! 

We believe they are capable of 10 at The Olympic Games! 

There’s more information at:

  • For Elementary-Middle School: 1st-8th Grade
  • For High School: 9th-12th Grade 
    • Please go off of the grade they JUST GRADUATED from. This is just to ensure that we do not have kids coming straight out of kindergarten in an organized sports environment they are not accustomed to, or students in the high school camp who have maybe never competed at a high school level. 
      • The ONLY exception we will make is if your athlete is in the 8th grade and has competed at the high school level already- we will accept rosters, milesplit, or meet results as proof for the exception.

Yes, if they are listed as authorized and have a photo ID. 

Yes, but please keep in mind that 3 of the 10 events include jumping and 1 of the runs is a hurdle race. We will do everything we can to make sure your athlete has fun and is included- and 6/10 should be perfectly fine, but please consider this when signing up.

That’s fine! They are welcome to only do the events that they want, however, we would encourage them to at least give everything a try- that’s what this camp is all about!

Yes! We suggest you bring a camp chair to bring with you to the different events.

Absolutely! This is in honor of “Let Women Decathlon” to bring more awareness to the movement and let people try decathlon- an event many young athletes never get to try! The biggest reason that Let Women Decathlon exists is because someone at a high level decided to exclude women from the competition- and we don’t want to act the same way back to the men! 🙂 

We’re going more off grade-level experience than age. With that being said, the youngest 1st grader allowed would be 6-years-old and the oldest senior allowed would be 19-years-old.

  • Snacks and Water- Please make sure your athlete brings a full water bottle and some small snacks. We will have water at the track to refill as the day goes on. 
  • Sun Screen- We suggest your athlete is wearing/brings sunscreen because they will be outside the whole time. An umbrella is also an excellent idea for keeping the sun off. 
  • If your athlete has event spikes/shoes it is recommended that they bring them. If they don’t, don’t worry about it- a good pair of tennis shoes is sufficient.
  • Do NOT worry about bringing your own shot puts, discus, javelins, or poles unless your athlete has them and specifically wants to use them. 

YES. We will not let an elementary or middle school athlete leave unless an authorized person signs them out. We will ask to see a driver’s license or another form of photo ID for the sign-out.

Yes! We do ask that if you have questions that you write them down so that afterward or during some downtime between events we can answer them- we just want to make sure we’re giving the athletes our full attention while they’re doing their thing! 🙂

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