March 24th, 2022 Pastor Beef

Pastor Beef Branard is a positive mentor who serves others by offering hope and teaching about the “love of Christ.”

Beef spent his childhood playing football, wrestling, and throwing in track. After rekindling his faith during college, he eventually felt called to attend Oklahoma Christian University for ministry. Today, he serves as a track coach, area director for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and youth minister at the Maricamp Road Church of Christ.

Working with FCA gives Beef the opportunity to share Jesus to students in schools. By teaching them the love of Christ through confessional leadership, He hopes to show each student that they can work for the Lord. Beef loves interacting with these students and seeing how God intervenes in each of their lives. He feels incredibly honored when they choose to walk with God and ask for his help along the way.

During the live, Beef described his work as a day-to-day discipleship journey of leading people to heaven. By being a person of integrity, he can make a difference and feel rewarded. Although he constantly works to be an active believer, Beef shared that “God has been faithful even when I haven’t.”

Beef noted that as Christians, we are not exempt to moments of loss and trouble. To get through challenging times, we need to be humble and lean on the Lord. Recognizing God’s grace and how “Jesus came to give life” will help us let go, surrender to God, and see a lasting change in our lives.