May 27th, 2021 Mikel Thomas and Beate Schrott

Christian talked to Mikel Thomas and Bea Schrott on Instagram live this week. Mikel runs the 110M for Trinidad and Tobago. He has made three appearances in the Olympics, his first Olympics being in Beijing in 2008. Bea runs the 110M hurdles for Austria. Her first Olympics was London in 2012. They both plan to return to the Olympics this summer. 

Mikel said “the labor and the fruit you expect is not always the fruit and the labor you need.” 

Mikel talked about the importance faith has in his career as well as the importance of continuing to be humble through the process of being an Olympic athlete. He explained how having faith in his career has helped him to learn discipline, commitment, and patience. 

Mikel was able to share insights about how God has been in his life through tough times and how God has helped to get him to where he is today.  

Bea explained “this is not who I am, it’s just what I do.”

Bea Schrott shared her story and experiences with building a relationship with Christ. She explained “I’m discovering my relationship with God, and am doing it for something greater than myself.” She talked about how she was invited to come to church and how that invitation has changed her relationship with Christ.

At the beginning of her conversation she said she was able to learn that her identity was more than being an Olympic athlete. She continues by saying that she is a daughter of God and that is where her identity is.