May 5th, 2022 Chris Black

Heaven to the Yeah grace ambassador, Jordan Gray, was joined this week by Christian music artist, Chris Black, as he shared his story of being moved by the Holy Spirit and transforming his music to share the love and goodness of God with all those who listen.

Ever since he was little, Black has always had a passion for music. He began singing and rapping when he was in the fifth grade and slowly found a knack for rock music in the ninth grade. While he grew up in the Methodist Church, doing a Sunday study with his dad each week, and finding himself gradually growing closer to God, Black went through that a phase of wanting to explore the world in the way the world tells us to live, not the way God tells us to. In this journey, Black came to write secular music in a way which strayed him from the Lord. “I hit my rock bottom. I let down everyone close to me. One day, I got down on my knees and gave myself to God as I asked for help.” In this moment, Black decided to transform his rock career into one of following the Lord and announcing the Lord’s goodness through Christian/Rock music.

In a rock bottom realization, Black felt a change occurring in his life as he shifted from seven years of secular music to a new journey of creating spiritual music. He realized he was saying and promoting things in his music he no longer wanted to say nor promote while coming to terms with growing within himself and thinking more about the effects of his music on others rather than solely on himself. “I wanted to flip my old message of music and try to write music to help people; in this, they could have value with God and know there is hope and peace. Even if life sucks sometimes, there will always be a light.” Such messages transformed the style of Black’s music as well as creating a sense of servitude towards God as he praised the Lord in song.

Through music, Black finds himself communicating with people in a way he may never have gotten to communicate before. “There is something about music where if it is done right, it has a way of expressing how you feel when listening to it while helping people connect with God and have hope and peace in the world through validated feelings.” Music is not only a form of expression or connection, but also one of leaving everlasting effects upon listeners.

People have value. No matter who you are or where you’re from, you will always have value in God’s eyes. He doesn’t care about having a big face or big name in society, you are his child and are born with God’s inherent value; no one can take it away from you. This is what Black aims to convey in his music’s everlasting effect on its listeners. “I want people to have that hope and value in and through Jesus while also sprinkling some truth in the music.” Jesus is joyous and brings joy in his name as heard through Black’s music. His musical journey, however, not only changed his life and relationship with the Lord, but others as well, making Black realize the fulfilling nature of using his musical gifts.

Black shares his story of when he began transitioning from secular music to a more spiritual style. When he released his last secular album, there were some songs of hope sprinkled throughout the selections. Two months after the release of his album, he was messaged by a guy he used to pick on when they were younger. Now, Black had a lot of remorse for what he had said and done to this guy in their younger years and understood that this guy would have every right to hate him, yet here they were, many years later, as Black reads his message which thanked him for his music. Not only was there thanks and forgiveness layered in this message Black received, but there was also a level of gratefulness as this man had been trying to come to find the Lord and Black’s music helped him to not only find God but follow Him as well. This is a time when Black truly felt fulfilled in how he wanted to use his gifts from God and came to fully acknowledge that he was done doing things for himself and had to do things for other people. This moment was also a testament to Black, showing him a snippet of God’s Grace.

“God’s Grace means that I not only get a second chance, but also a third and a fourth and endless amounts of chances. God’s Grace is Him not giving up on you for he enjoys giving you his kingdom and saving you and helping you, even in times of failure—He doesn’t give up.” God’s Grace is endless and guides us to eternal salvation with Him as we live our lives with Heaven in view.

“We get so stuck in today in the cares of this world which we worry and stress over that living with Heaven in view is just a reminder of knowing that we will be reunited with loved ones in the Kingdom of God and will be with Jesus forever.” Black continues to say that such joy and comfort in your heart will always be there so long as Heaven is in your sights. “We are not constrained by time. When time is gone, there will just be peace.” Knowing of God’s Grace and walking with Jesus every day gives us a small taste of the eternal salvation we are to reach in Heaven.

Before Gray’s time with Black came to an end, there was one final question for our musician. For the Heaven to the Yeah viewers, readers, and listeners, Black provided his own words of encouragement for those willing to hear what God has placed on his heart to say. “Don’t give up on yourself and don’t ever think you don’t have value or are not important in this world. Know that God will never hurt you or give up on you, even if you give up on yourself. God wants you in His kingdom but will allow you to make your own decisions; don’t just quit. Keep going and keep seeking God.”

The Heaven to the Yeah team thanks Chris Black for his time and openness in sharing his walk with God and we pray for everlasting health and the courage to bring forth God’s Word in his song.