May 6th, 2021 Jessica Beard and Trayvon Bromell

In our first Instagram live, Christian Taylor interviewed Jessica Beard and Trayvon Bromell. Jessica is a 400M sprinter representing the U.S. Some of her recent accomplishments include being a gold medalist at the 2019 world championships. Trayvon is a 100M sprinter who competed in the Rio Olympics in both the 100M and the 4X100.

Christian starts the live by talking with Jessica.

Most of their conversation revolved around God’s timing. She explained the struggle she had at the time of the 2012 Olympic trials when she was dealing with an injury. While going through this trial she couldn’t see how this would benefit her, but looking back she sees how this injury was God’s way of helping her in the long run.


“The more I know God, the more I trust him. . . nothing he’s going to ask of me is going to be detrimental.”

This bigger injury helped her to see a smaller injury which she was able to catch early. 

Trayvon talked with Christian about many of the struggles he had growing up.

He lived in a split home and was raised by his mother in a poor part of St. Petersburg Florida. He talked about how his struggles have helped to shape his testimony of Christ in addition to attributing his mother for helping build his faith.

He also went into detail about how he almost gave up on sports because of injuries. Following this story, he said “God never promised that life was going to be easy… if you think otherwise go read John 16:33.” He gave great insights about what living with Heaven in view means to him and will also be competing in the Olympics this summer.