November 22nd, 2021 Sage Watson

Originally from Canada, Sage Watson has become an accomplished track and field athlete in the 400 hurdles. 

Since she was in high school, Sage was surrounded with supportive people that helped her recognize and develop her talent. Her early training with the Calgary International Track Club led her to Florida State University where her coach told her she could become a professional. After transferring to the University of Arizona, Sage became a NCAA champion in the 400 hurdles and competed at the 2016 Olympics. During the live, Sage noted that she did not grow up in a religious family or come to faith until later in life. 

It was not until God helped her overcome a difficult situation that she was able to recognize His presence in her life. After getting out of a burdensome relationship, Sage struggled to forgive herself and the person who had done her wrong. While on a trip to visit her current boyfriend, she was encouraged to start praying after he shared his testimony with her. After praying for two hours on the plane ride home, Sage noticed that she had missed a call from the person who had done her wrong. Once she called back, he told Sage that God had told him to call. For the first time, Sage found herself able to say the words “I forgive you.” The story ends with the lights mysteriously flickering in the room as Sage spoke the words, “wow, God is real.”

From this moment on, Sage says that her life has been changed due to her “newfound love for God.” Since the struggle, His presence has granted her the ability to forgive and transform as a person. Sage believes that God’s grace takes away all labels and helps people love and feel “respect for the unknown and others.” This new dependence on God has helped her have “sturdy ground to stand on” during hardships. 

Reflecting on her athletic and faith journey, Sage feels blessed to have been surrounded by influential and supportive people her whole life. She noted that she elevates herself when she’s with positive and uplifting people that push her. Sage ended the live by encouraging viewers to take things one step at a time and surround themselves with “people who believe in you.”