October 7th, 2021 Yvonne Treviño Hayek

Mexican national Yvonne Treviño Hayek joined Heaven to the Yeah Grace Ambassador Jordan Gray as the featured guest on last week’s Instagram Live stream. Hayeck is a long jump champion in Mexico and current record holder.

She has medalled in the Central American and Caribbean Championships, and qualified for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.The conversation began in an endearing blend of English and Spanish, and often circled back to a theme Hayeck finds extremely integral: purpose.

Currently living, serving, and training in Houston, Texas, Yvonne Hayeck was born and raised a little further south—in Mexico. Hayeck’s family was Catholic, and she grew up attending Catholic schools. She began participating in track and field events when she was just eight years old. Like most kids, she did it because it was fun and she really enjoyed it. Over the years her passion for the sport swelled.

While Hayeck has seen great success in her athletic career, her journey wasn’t without hiccups. She shared with Jordan that she feels at times in our lives when things are not going as we might have hoped, that our faith in God is tested. While on the subject she recalled a time in her life when she had plans for herself and her career, but they were overruled.

The year was 2014. A recent college graduate, Hayeck was preparing for a move from her native Monterrey, Mexico to Houston, Texas. She would live and train there. Or so she thought. Injury struck as it so often does for high-level athletes and Hayeck’s big plans fell through. She was disappointed and tousled with the setback initially. In time, God brought her to Houston on His terms

Now she’s a mom of one with another baby boy on the way. During the stream she shared a bit about the crossroads she came to concerning whether she should continue training competitively after her Olympic debut or take on the alternative challenge of motherhood. Ultimately, she relied on God’s guidance for help in her decision-making. Hayeck lists family and track and field as her passions, and she has fittingly found a way to marry the two by starting a track and field program for youth in Houston.