September 2nd, 2021 David Wise

This week, Chistian interviewed David Wise, an American Freestyle skier. He is a two time Olympic Gold medalist and competed in the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics in the men’s ski halfpipe.

“It didn’t really become real to me until I was almost graduating High School. . . I went through this crisis of identity.”

Talking with Christian, David explained how he came to have a relationship with Christ when he was in high school. He said “It didn’t really become real to me until I was almost graduating High School. . . I went through this crisis of identity.” During this time, his sisters had moved to college and his parents were going through a divorce. At this time, he was able to study the scriptures and figure out who God is.

David also talked about some of the struggles he had as a young athlete. He explained that as a teenager, he felt like he was just as good as the other athletes but wasn’t getting the recognition he thought he deserved. He saw others signing endorsement deals and competing at the professional level while he was still trying to prove himself.

It wasn’t until he was older that he realized that he was not ready to be at the professional level at this time in his life. Although he may have had the skills, he explained that God knew that David would be able to better glorify him from that position.

Since becoming a professional athlete, he has been able to see how God has played a role in his life. David explained that even with the success, he is able to see that everything good in his life comes from God. He said “Because of God’s grace, I have the freedom to fail. And because of God’s grace I have the freedom to try everything that I could possibly dream of.”  

Even with success within his career, he has found ways to give to the next generation of athletes through the program Mental Giants. This program gives young athletes the tools they need to be successful. Before he left, David gave advice to young Christians. He explained the importance of studying the scriptures. As well as finding a group of friends who have the same beliefs as you to help build one another up. 

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